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My history

My passion is Mountains ... Small mountains, medium and high mountains. Mountains!
In 1999 I became a Tatra guide, but I have been associated with the Mountains since I was a child. My first Mountain, which I got myself alone at the age of three, was unusually high (then) Żar- as much as 400 meters above sea level; -) ... Since then, many mountain adventures have become my part, and this allows me to constantly expand my experience as a mountain guide . I am a member of the association of international mountain guides UIMLA. I collect my mountain experiences in the Tatra Mountains, the Alps, the Andes, the Dolomites, the Caucasus, the Himalayas and other mountains of Europe. I admit that the more I know about the Mountains, the more humbly I approach their vastness, beauty and ... ruthlessness.

About me

Who am I outside the Mountains? I used to be a chemist and technologist, but it went a long way ... Both the work of a teacher in a primary school or university, as well as work in a western corporation was not the peak of my dreams. It turned out that the peak of dreams is work among mountain peaks!


What do I do in the mountains, apart from admiring them? I practice mountain and high-altitude tourism, I climb, go downhill and downhill skiing, I walk around caves. For several years I have shown the mountains to my children who feel at home in them, regardless of the season.


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Trekking and hiking

In mountains everybody looks for adventure. That is a fact which nobody can deny. However adventures should be safe and with mountain leader is always safer.
Mountains where you may go with me: Polish and Slovak: Tatra Mountains, Pieniny Mountains and also Lower Tatra Mountains, Slovak Paradise, the green Alps - according to UIMLA regulations (

City tour in Kraków

I am licenced city guide in Kraków, so tougheter we can see Kraków, Jewish Qurter, Mounds of Kraków and famous Kraków surroundings. I am also a guide in Oskar Schindler’s Factory and Rynek Underground Exhibition in Kraków.

Tour leading

Poland and Slovakia are beautiful countries where the wild nature is present just behind the window. So I kindly invite you there for i.e. tour on The Gothic Way (Poland and Slovakia), ethnographic tour around The Tatras, ecological tour in Jura (Krakowska Upland), and many, many more...


I am a ski instructor who has worked with different group from kids to elderly people. Not only we can ski somewhere on a ski piste but also we can go for ski touring to The Western Tatras. Both of the activities are great fun! Try them with me.


"Ajka" Training and guide services

Joanna Widlarz
ul. Jagiellonska 4, 34-130 Kalwaria Zeb.
NIP: 551-137-21-42


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